Update on My Once Dead Computer

174/365 Life Support
174/365 Life Support (Photo credit: thebarrowboy)

New hard drive (brain) has been transplanted in – it’s now on life support, i.e. downloading drivers of all kinds from the very slow tonight internet.  I’m still a bit puzzled by the fact that I drag that poor thing just about everywhere I go, sometimes without a case yet I drop on the carpeted floor of my bedroom and the hard drive is toast….I will now be handling “her” (Franken-Acer) with kid gloves.  Thank goodness there’s a rocket scientist in residence who can handle these things without breaking a sweat!

English: Fractal made using Tierazon, not reto...
English: Fractal made using Tierazon, not retouched at all (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note:  this last related article is about the company where the RRS (Resident Rocket Scientist) is employed…..how’s that for cross-posting, data-mining, and whatever the hell else it took for that article to pop up in relation to my silly blog post!


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