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English: Acer Aspire 8920 (with 18.4 inch screen) showing its desktop on Windows 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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murphys law (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
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English: This is a logo for Costco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What day was it that we were supposed to write about a visit from Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) for the Daily Post Challenge?  Well I’m not going to search for that prompt b/c for sure something would go awry and I’d be even more off track than I am right now.

Off track right now?  That’s right – I’m in ADDiva hell at the moment. After spending all of yesterday afternoon getting a lot of busy work cleared away I learned that:

  • I destroyed my hard drive when I dropped my laptop.  R.I.P. hard drive.  I have no idea if I have the recovery disk that came with the computer or where it might be.  I’ve already looked in the usual places.
  • After loading photo paper into my printer I downloaded a bunch of my photos from Facebook, saved on my work laptop, and (thought I) printed them.  Since the printer is upstairs in my bedroom and I was in my “art studio” (the basement), it wasn’t until I went up to retrieve the photos that I learned the printer wasn’t in the mood to work either.
  • First it was the yellow ink cartridge which I bought and replaced.  The second issue is that it won’t connect to the network.  It has always connected to the network before – at times it’s been very temperamental, but I’ve always gotten it to work with a little TLC.  Now it’s telling me that our wireless router has MAC address filtering enabled – this is news to me – it wasn’t before and I have no idea how to “fix” that, i.e. where to start looking and I really don’t want to b/c inevitably I’ll mess something up for the rest of the computers in the house.
  • Last night during my attempts to troubleshoot my computer woes my work laptop started acting up and kept saying that different websites weren’t available and that I should check my internet connection, mind you, all other indicators said i was connected to the internet.  Even the often recalcitrant Outlook email was connecting and updating….so WTF, I turned off the computer (or thought I did but it wouldn’t shut down either) and went to sleep.
  • This morning, I grabbed my first mug of coffee and started back in on the hardware issues and I got the laptop back to cooperating.  No such luck with the printer.
  • Had to leave for an appointment; unplugged printer to “give it a rest” and time to think about it’s bad behavior: went to appointment, ate lunch, decided to stop wasting time and send photos to Costco for printing….
  • logged into Costco.com, prepared to start uploading, need to update Active X  – ha ha nice….tried to do that, won’t upload b/c Windows doesn’t recognize publisher, checked for available Windows updates – found there were 7, just downloaded them, about to restart computer but wanted to finish this post in the event something goes awry.
  • I need photos printed b/c I am going to an all day scrapbooking event tomorrow.  Mind you, I started two days ahead of time to get my pics and materials together and now I’m down to about half a day and nothing accomplished here.
  • Here we go with restarting computer.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the pics sent to Costco and Rocket Scientist will straighten out this network issue later this evening.
  • This has been really fun – How’s you day going?
  • Ha Ha – in a related article Green Jobs:  Is your laptop destroying the environment?  very funny – NO!  It’s destroying my SANITY!!!!!


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