We Are Not Amused

English: Acer Aspire 8920 (with 18.4 inch scre...
English: Acer Aspire 8920 (with 18.4 inch screen) showing its desktop on Windows 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
murphys law
murphys law (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
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English: This is a logo for Costco.
English: This is a logo for Costco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What day was it that we were supposed to write about a visit from Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) for the Daily Post Challenge?  Well I’m not going to search for that prompt b/c for sure something would go awry and I’d be even more off track than I am right now.

Off track right now?  That’s right – I’m in ADDiva hell at the moment. After spending all of yesterday afternoon getting a lot of busy work cleared away I learned that:

  • I destroyed my hard drive when I dropped my laptop.  R.I.P. hard drive.  I have no idea if I have the recovery disk that came with the computer or where it might be.  I’ve already looked in the usual places.
  • After loading photo paper into my printer I downloaded a bunch of my photos from Facebook, saved on my work laptop, and (thought I) printed them.  Since the printer is upstairs in my bedroom and I was in my “art studio” (the basement), it wasn’t until I went up to retrieve the photos that I learned the printer wasn’t in the mood to work either.
  • First it was the yellow ink cartridge which I bought and replaced.  The second issue is that it won’t connect to the network.  It has always connected to the network before – at times it’s been very temperamental, but I’ve always gotten it to work with a little TLC.  Now it’s telling me that our wireless router has MAC address filtering enabled – this is news to me – it wasn’t before and I have no idea how to “fix” that, i.e. where to start looking and I really don’t want to b/c inevitably I’ll mess something up for the rest of the computers in the house.
  • Last night during my attempts to troubleshoot my computer woes my work laptop started acting up and kept saying that different websites weren’t available and that I should check my internet connection, mind you, all other indicators said i was connected to the internet.  Even the often recalcitrant Outlook email was connecting and updating….so WTF, I turned off the computer (or thought I did but it wouldn’t shut down either) and went to sleep.
  • This morning, I grabbed my first mug of coffee and started back in on the hardware issues and I got the laptop back to cooperating.  No such luck with the printer.
  • Had to leave for an appointment; unplugged printer to “give it a rest” and time to think about it’s bad behavior: went to appointment, ate lunch, decided to stop wasting time and send photos to Costco for printing….
  • logged into Costco.com, prepared to start uploading, need to update Active X  – ha ha nice….tried to do that, won’t upload b/c Windows doesn’t recognize publisher, checked for available Windows updates – found there were 7, just downloaded them, about to restart computer but wanted to finish this post in the event something goes awry.
  • I need photos printed b/c I am going to an all day scrapbooking event tomorrow.  Mind you, I started two days ahead of time to get my pics and materials together and now I’m down to about half a day and nothing accomplished here.
  • Here we go with restarting computer.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the pics sent to Costco and Rocket Scientist will straighten out this network issue later this evening.
  • This has been really fun – How’s you day going?
  • Ha Ha – in a related article Green Jobs:  Is your laptop destroying the environment?  very funny – NO!  It’s destroying my SANITY!!!!!

Author: The C-Sweet

I'm a Soccer Mom/Baseball Mom living the American Dream in northern Virginia. I work as a Business Advisor & Consultant focusing on small-medium sized businesses in my local community. I've drunk the chardonnay, practiced the yoga, driven the minivan, atomized the essential oils, made the spinach dip and attended many Southern Living at Home, Stella & Dot, and Pampered Chef parties. I'm a Catholic, Conservative, Spiritually Awake individual sharing my opinion on whatever catches my fancy and occasionally entertaining a few folks with tales from my ADDiva life!

6 thoughts on “We Are Not Amused”

    1. thank you! well the good news is that a new hard drive has been ordered, work laptop is out of its snit and behaving and my printer is thinking about maybe behaving maybe tomorrow but I did pick up my photos at Costco so I’m all set there…..can’t believe I dropped my precious computer TWICE!


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