Well It’s Been a Helluva Day

Office Depot’s First LEED CI Store in Austin, ...
Office Depot’s First LEED CI Store in Austin, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing too earth-shattering, mind you, and I did manage to get into productive mode once I got past the early morning headache blues, a la


So I rattled and rolled myself out of the bed after chatting online to Wrose the Writer (introducing a new character here so pay attention please).  Seems Wrose just landed two brand new freelance writing gigs ::fist bump for Wrose:: and I guess that inspired me or got me thinking about the stuff I have on my plate at the moment which is many and various and myriad and all over the map.

Anyhow, I threw a pair of jeans on and went downstairs to tackle the messy kitchen and let the dogs out for a change.  Kitchen tidied up  and a batch of iced tea made.  Headed downstairs to my art studio (the basement) followed by dogs who were really behaving themselves today for a pack of bad boxers….On my way down here I’d loaded up some stuff I needed including my computer which fell out of my arms and onto the floor and started making strange (WTF have you done to me now) noises.  As I picked it up I prayed silently “please be ok” and on downstairs I went and it jumped out of my arms again, this time onto the ceramic tile floor “OUCH”, right?  More strange noises.

Got downstairs tried to turn it on – it needs the Windows disc because of some “recent software or hardware changes”.  I should say so – I think the falls resulted in the recent hardware changes except there are 2 problems:  I don’t have any such Windows disc…who does really, doesn’t every PC come with Windows installed unless it’s a Mac?  Right?  and the 2nd, though momentarily less serious problem:  my laptop does not have a disc drive at all.  We can get around the latter part with an external hard drive, which of course we have because in this home resides a ROCKET SCIENTIST who, as a hobby does auto fuel injection/car modification/electronics/machine shop type stuff in his shop (the basement).  But I digress.

So that’s how my day started when I finally got past the


part.  Thankfully being semi-retired means I’m also semi-employed and have a work computer to use.

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Image via CrunchBase

Hopefully the Rocket Scientist can coax the computer back to good health.  Otherwise, I guess I’m going to be one of those people who actually takes their computer someplace to be repaired.  Yeah, I noticed a sign advertising computer repair recently at Office Depot and my thought was “what poor sap has to bring their computer to OD for repair?”  Like, I guess I’ve been totally spoiled working for a big, tech savvy company and an easy rapport with the cool folks who work in tech support….and of course, when the tech issue is personal we have the Rocket Scientist in residence.

He’s home now.  I think I’ll let him eat dinner before I present the lame laptop.  I need to have my dinner too so I can get the kids to tae kwon do practice in 30 minutes.  But first, here’s what else I accomplished –

I made a list for myself of all the busywork type stuff I need to get done and that’s probably causing the headache….good start, no?  I added the start of a grocery list on the flip side…..don’t be hatin’ now…..just saving paper here.

I started out with finding photos to print for the all-day scrapbooking thing I’m going to on Saturday.  There is nothing worse than having to leave for one of these things and not having your stuff together – no supplies packed up, no photos = nothing to do for 12 hours….

and I found the photos I needed on FB thankfully so I could save them and print them since they’re all saved on the comatose personal laptop.  And I had loaded some photo paper into my printer upstairs and I sent the first one to print and all signs indicated it was printing.  And I printed up a storm – pics of my artwork, from the art retreat in CT last Oct. from the Who Let the Dogs n Dames out event I went to a couple weeks ago, etc. etc.

And of course when I went upstairs the printer sat there smirking at me and I read its mind – I swear I did – and it was thinking “she’s never gonna figure out why I didn’t spit out those photos”

but I think I know what the problem is:  sidebar here:  I have 7 spare ink cartridges none of them yellow….guess which ink cartridge is depleted?  yeah.

I’m hoping against hope but not checking the print queue that they’ll all print out once I replace the yellow ink.

And I made a big pot of taco soup, and a batch of dark choco brownies for dinner.  and I got all the info together that I’ll need to go solicit sponsorship money and raffle prizes for Little League. And I checked on the time for Kelly’s party to make sure Kate could still go after the tkd demo team competition.

So I’m mostly caught up.  I did recently purchase a ream of paper for the printer so printing the sponsorship packets should be no big deal…..off to eat, drop kids at Tiger Den, stop at Target, pick kids back up, install new cartridge, wish me luck***



    • My life is exhausting and sometimes that’s without actually going anywhere but up and down the stairs inside my house…I appreciate your saying that b/c when I’m not living this crazed life on any given day I feel like a slacker…

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