Daily Post: Seconds – Thank you sir, I’ll have another!

Chef Cathal Armstrong
Chef Cathal Armstrong (Photo credit: DrivingtheNortheast)

Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail. 

I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I’ve eaten many extremely satisfying meals.  I love food, I love to cook good food, some of the food I cook is among my very favorite foods. So it’s very difficult to choose a single most satisfying meal.  I mean it, I don’t have one that stands out that far from among other yum-fests and so I am going to describe the most satisfying meal I had most recently in glorious detail….

The meal was steak dinner at Society Fair in Alexandria, VA.  It was on a Thursday which is French steak night.  On French steak night at Society Fair the owner/chef Cathal Armstrong in the Society Fair demo kitchen while you sit stove-side at the bar.  Offered the choice of NY Strip, ribeye or filet I opted for the ribeye; offered the choice of 3 sauces the one I chose was delicious but I also asked to taste the one with a little mustard flavor and decided that was my sauce for the next time.  The beef they serve is from Ruppersberger Co-Op, where the meat is pasture-raised from local humane farm that share SF’s values of quality and sustainability.The first course is ceasar salad, then comes the steak which is served with a potato galette – sort of like a baked homefries that comes in a mini cast iron skillet….mmmm mmmmm so good!  

Dessert, as listed on the menu is supposed to be creme brulee but my dinner companion and I negotiated a slice of the amazing cake…..and we had a slice of coconut and a slice of circus cake.  I’ve posted a pic of the circus cake….it’s out of this world…..the price per slice may seem high but when you realize you have been served a jumbo slice of marble cake in which you can taste the fresh butter and eggs….so fresh, so good….and the icing – swirly bubblegum pink icing that is so buttery and just sweet enough.  I’ve since gone back to get ore cake……actually went back for lunch with my daughter and a friend and we revisited the circus cake for our dessert then took home slices of the apple cake (very good but not knock your socks off good), a slice of coconut cake….I could just drown in that cake it’s so damn good AND a slice of the big ass chocolate cake….now I’m not a huge fan of chocolate cake…the coconut cake is much more my speed but the big ass chocolate cake from Society Fair made a believer out of me…it is the best damn cake I have ever eaten and I defy even the non-cake eaters among you to try a bite and say it’s  not the most satisfying bit of dessert, party in your mouth that you’ve ever tasted…..go ahead, I dare you!!! (but please take me with you????)



  1. Oh man! Sad I missed this prompt, but I might still blog on this anyways 🙂
    The entire restaurant, meal, and experience sound amazing! I’m from Fairfax and have never heard of Society Fair, even though I head down to Alexandria pretty frequently… I’ll have to look it up!

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