February One a Day – Day 20 – Pay It Forward

Mail box
Mail box (Photo credit: Mark Sardella)

Today’s prompt states merely “Pay It Forward” and I interpret that to mean perform some pay it forward kind of act and write about it.  Well it’s too late for me to buy someone’s morning coffee at Starbucks‘s  or their toll on the Dulles Toll Road so I’m a bit challenged here as my day winds down. Other than that kind of traditional “pay it forward” unless an opportunity presents itself to do something for someone else, just because, you kind of have to use your imagination.  

So I will tell you that Aunt Dee enjoys receiving things from me in the mail as much as I enjoy sending them.  Sometimes there are little trinkets included and sometimes it’s just a note with a funny story and maybe a few photos.  Because she lives a few hours away, doesn’t drive, has a husband who’s survived a couple of mild strokes and doesn’t go far from home anymore, I look for ways to stay connected to her above and beyond periodic visits and weekly phone calls.

Mail box
Mail box (Photo credit: David_Turner)

I think that today I’ll print out my previous post about my favorite childhood book being her old edition of Carolyn Keene‘s “The Secret in the Old Attic” from the Nancy Drew Mystery Series, and send it to her.  I really wish she had a computer and internet access.  I really wish I could peel off several hundred dollars and set her up with the computer and encourage her to switch to FiOS sooner rather than later, as she plans to do it anyway.  But for now I can add a 47 cent stamp and pay it forward through the mail!



  1. This is a great idea! You just helped me think of a few people I can send “thinking of you” cards too with a few special words of encouragement! I look forward to hearing how your Aunt Dee responds to her package in the mail. How exciting!

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