Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

English: 1867 ad for Spratt's Dog Biscuit, pro...
English: 1867 ad for Spratt’s Dog Biscuit, probably the first commercial/industrial dog biscuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?  

This one is a piece of cake and if anyone reading this has the financial backing I’d need and a similar vision here’s what we’d do…..

We’d buy a farm and open a pet rescue/shelter.  We’d have a vet  and vet techs on-site to care for the medical needs of abused animals (until my almost 9 year old daughter grows up and becomes a vet, then she’ll take over and be the vet).

I’d build an amazing facility resembling a huge barn with plenty of space to run around outside and a doggie shower room to hose off when it’s time for snuggling in nice comfy beds.

English: the animal shelter in Düren-Niederau ...

The house would have a commercial-equipped kitchen where I’d spend time making home-made dog biscuits in the shape of bones, and cats, and postmen and things like that……

I’d like capacity for up to 100 dogs.  And an office to serve as a clearing house for pets being dropped off or picked up from high kill shelters or abusive homes, stray drop offs, etc. and to have staff to post to all animal rescue web-sites, including as many breed-specific rescues as possible; arrange and conduct home visits; facilitate adoptions, etc.

Oh, and a full-time trainer to evaluate and train incoming guests.

I can handle the cat house part on my own as I’ve already ordered my crazy cat person starter kit from Russell Deasley of the usually hilarious:




  1. What a great dream…we could supply the doggie dishes and the storage for the food and scoops. That is what we do here locally with a paws for a cause center. Love the doggie biscuits so cute. Thank you for the ping back. When I was dreaming I did not think of getting that much land lol…

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