Daily Prompt: Nightmares – oh yes, I remember this one!

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Lidocaine/Epinephrine Injection (Photo credit: Vaprotan)

From: Daily Prompt: Nightmares

The prompt said:

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Nightmares text
Nightmares text (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a recurring nightmare and I interpret it as a warning about flying by the seat of my pants to often (translation: nearly 100% of the time).  As a colleague once predicted, I have been bitten in the ass by this “habit” of mine to wing it.  A former boss labeled me an “adrenaline junkie” and I couldn’t argue there.  In fact I think it was him hanging that label on me that led me to seek out my diagnosis of ADD.

So the nightmare would be that I am running around a huge house (not my house, not a house I’ve ever been in but it’s usually the same or similar house) where groups of people are gathered and waiting to depart for a weekend trip to the beach.  I have different friends sprinkled among the various groups and somehow all these people are going “down the shore” for the weekend and they’ve got all their respective shit together.

Me?  Not so much.  I know what I want to pack and take with me and I know  where I last saw it but in the dream I am going from room to room to room to room to room trying to gather up all of my stuff and each time I head back to my suitcase to add something I find it empty and I’m continuously starting from scratch.  It’s a nightmare because I feel frustrated and anxious and down on myself all at the same time because everyone else is ready and I’m not.

To my credit, I accepted that fact that after having 2 children I just didn’t have the same capacity I once did to fly successfully by the seat of my pants.  To my further credit, I’ve been doing quite a bit more anticipating and planning ahead and have even tried to impart the “be prepared” wisdom to my children.  I’ve made some strides but I remain an ADDiva and fear it will be a lifetime battle.



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