February One A Day – Day 17 – This is How the Potomac Falls

Prompt: Take an original photo of the city you live in.

Great Falls of the Potomac River
Great Falls of the Potomac River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I read this at about 4:45 this afternoon and was about to head out to 5:00 Mass there is no original photo today of the city I live in.  Last weekend I posted a photo of the Our Lady of Hope statue that stand outside of my church, Our Lady of Hope and I figured I wouldn’t get away with re-posting that photo even though it’s in the same “city” I live in, LOL.  So I’m wondering whether to post a photo of the big black marble slabs that announce the name of my neighborhood as Lowes Island at Cascades, or of the post office that says Potomac Falls, VA 20165, or maybe down near the Potomac River which I can access somewhere between the marble slabs and the post office.  Then I was thinking that maybe a photo of our little “town center” which really isn’t a town center but is a hub of sorts where the grocery store, gym, Starbucks, drycleaners, McDonald’s, etc. can be found, and not to be confused with the Target shopping center that’s on the other side of Route 7 and includes a PetSmart, Office Depot, Michael’s, Total Wine, Joanne Fabric, Five Below (the most useless store on the planet), AutoZone, etc.

Or, would a photo of the  Dulles Town Center Mall epitomize “my city”?  Don’t know why it would b/c I hardly ever go there.  There’s Lowes Island Elementary School right across the street and most of my life revolves around there in some way since my two babies are students there…..I thought this stream of consciousness about the city photo would help me make up my mind but it hasn’t done the trick.  I think perhaps if it’s not too cold and windy tomorrow I’ll take several photos reflecting all of the above and maybe a few more and publish the gallery with an update of this post.

If you have thoughts or ideas please leave a comment and let me know.  I already know that I’m totally crazy but you can still leave that in a comment if that’s what you’re feeling – it’s all about sharing what you’re feelin’!

Note:  My closer river access is a big up-river from the photo above that is in an area called Great Falls.  However Great Falls is just up the road a piece and I’ve been in the park that gives access to this very location where people hike and kayak and take wonderful pictures.  It’s a little gem right near home!

Also, this made me think of the little darling who calls me to do a customer service follow up to my visit to my bank, Suntrust.  I have gotten the same little darling twice now and this second time I just had to let her know that it’s Pa-TOE-mack not POT-o-mac, the latter sounding a bit like the name of the recipe.  It wouldn’t be so bad except that my Suntrust branch of choice is the Pa-TOE-mack branch and so she had to say Pa-TOE-mack branch with each and every question – as in, how would you rate your last visit to the POT-o-mac branch, on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being…….as you can imagine after 10 or 12 of these I just had to stop her and say, it’s Pa-TOE-mack like the river George Washington crossed once upon a time…..I’m very interested to see how this all shakes out next time she calls…..


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