Daily Prompt: The Clock is MAKING ME CRAZY

Batteries! (Photo credit: LHOON)

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

English: Photograph of a battery-powered analo...
English: Photograph of a battery-powered analog clock with a quartz movement, set to roughly 11:55. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over last weekend I did something really moronic.  After driving up to Pennsylvania to hang out with “the Bitches” aka my bff’s from high school I found that my phone battery was running really low.  Because I didn’t have a proper charger and I wasn’t going to be driving to the Dogs ‘n Dames event we would be attending I went out to my car which was parked in the driveway and put my phone on the car charger – of course I had to put the key in the ignition and turn it a click.  Of course.

Later that night when I was trying to fall asleep all sorts of thoughts were going through my head and one of them was – oh shit, I took the phone out of the car, locked the car and walked away but I did not turn the key back a click and take that set of keys out of the car with me…..the bad news, there were still keys in the ignition and if the battery hadn’t died well someone could drive off EXCEPT for the fact that another bff had parked across the bottom of the driveway effectively blocking me in….ok, so safe there.

The next day I knew I had to check to see whether the car would start and I did stall for a while but finally went out to check and we all know what the deal was there – the battery was dead – and we did this and we called that one and we arranged to get a jump and got a jump and drove the car around for a while and went to dinner and came home and went to bed.

And the next day as I got in the car to drive home and heard the car door slam I immediately looked at the clock as I always do and of course it gave me the finger and asked me what I expected when I let the battery go dead.  In my haste to reset the clock b/c I depend on that clock when I’m driving – I went past the right time and now for whatever reason I can’t turn it forward and I can’t turn it backward and it’s now stuck on 50 minutes past the proper time and it’s MAKING ME CRAZY!



    • LOL, glad you liked it. I should have included the part about the jump start. My friend had the jumper cables but the car was parked in her steep driveway and we both thought of rolling it down so she could get her car out of the garage but feared we’d get stuck in the middle of her narrow street so we needed some brawn. Another friend (another Dame from the previous night’s festivities) came over with her 18 your old son. I eased the car down the driveway and he positioned his truck close by. I opened up the hood and friend exclaimed “Where’s the battery?!? there’s a big empty space here where the battery should be!” It had become dark by then so none of us could see the little black box with the + sign on it. She turned to me and said “get your book”, meaning the owners manual – check and check – figured out that the + Box was the place to attach the cable, etc. etc. There was some chatter about my non-American made car and then they couldn’t get the jumper cable attached correctly to his Made in the U.S.A. truck. We had to call in reinforcements – Reinforcements came and the mission was accomplished – I had JUICE! So funny when the friend kept saying “Someone stole your battery!” Always an adventure!

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