February One A Day – Day 15 – Movie That Made Me Cry

A thought to begin yoga practice from "Aligning with Grace" http://aligningwithgrace.blogspot.com/
A thought to begin yoga practice from “Aligning with Grace” http://aligningwithgrace.blogspot.com/

Schindler’s List.

I’m sure other movies have made me cry and generally I avoid movies that you know going in will be real tear jerkers but I vividly recall crying my eyes out at the end of Schindler’s List.  Even though I watched it many years ago – I remember where (my apartment in Glenolden); with whom (by myself); and I remember the feeling of tears freely flowing as I watched the credits roll.

Schindler’s List came up recently at yoga class when Olga was doing her intro to our practice and she mentioned the quote “TheList is Life” from the movie and then turned to the thought that “Breath is Life” as we focused on our breathing as evidence of the life force within us.

Schindler’s List is a movie that made me cry.


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