February One A Day – Day 13 – 50 Steps to Beauty

Eyelash curler
Eyelash curler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s in your make-up bag?

First the back story….when I was in college one of my bestest friends who lived on campus received some junk mail addressed to N.C. Widener.  Her initials were N.C. and the university we attended is called Widener – ok, so that part struck all of us as funny and one of Ree’s monikers became Miss N.C. Widener.  The second funny thing was that the junk mail was an offer for make-up and they called it “50 Steps to Beauty”.  So clever girls that we were (Cool Chicks is actually how we referred to ourselves) we adopted the phrase 50 steps to beauty to mean get ready to go out, i.e. “I’ll be over as soon as I take my shower and do 50 steps to beauty”.  Of course we did no where near 50 steps but 50 steps is what it has been called ever since.

Today, my 50 Steps to Beauty involves my make-up bag which contains:

Mineral powder foundation

3 different blushers

2 eye pencils that should be thrown away (wait, I think I did throw one of them away this morning so make that 1 eye pencil that should be thrown away)

2 eye pencils, a blue and a brown, that I actually use however the brown really isn’t dark enough but I keep it hanging around even though I know I should get a new dark brown one because with my brown hair I think the brown liner makes my eyes pop better

eyeshadow primer

3 mica beauty eye shadow powders

an eyeshadow compact with pinks/greys

an eyeshadow compact with some really dark, almost-black grey that  was the only 1 of four colors that remained intact when I dropped the compact

a lipliner pencil

a vivid red lipstick

an eyelash curler

1 relatively new tube of mascara

2 or 3 kabuki brushes

1 blush brush

1 other make-up brush

2 eyeshadow brushes

This is after purging it recently and as you can tell there are still a few things in there that need to go…..and I really should not throw the brushes in there b/c the result is that everything has a fine coating of powder on it including the inside of the make-up bag…..

Actually, I could have written a version of this same post for the Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda daily prompt challenge, LOL


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