Was away all weekend – Dailies to Resume Immediately

Seal of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Seal of Delaware County, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi Sweeties – have photos, have One A Day‘s, have it all just ready to be posted a little later today.  Great time in Delaware County PA with my home girls from way back when (Notre Dame H.S.!!!!!!!!!!)  Hung out with some new friends too and good time had by all. Attended an event on Saturday afternoon and won the 50/50 drawing….$ for art supplies – yaaaaay!!!!  Yummy dinner at the Italian Village…the salmon was sooooo good!

Watched the Grammy’s last night with RQ and DQ……still scratching my head about the Forest Gump song – not a good display of Mr. Ocean’s talent and you can keep that Jack White grossness.  Taylor, enough of taking swipes and ex-boyfriends, that’s gotten really old really fast but you did look fabulous – Beyonce – you could have worked that ponytail just a little bit better but when you open your mouth to sing you’re amazing and Rhianna you rocked it!


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