February One A Day – Day 8 – Contents of Handbag

English: Different customer loyality cards (ai...
English: Different customer loyality cards (airlines, car rental companies, hotels etc.) Deutsch: Verschiedene Loyalitätskarten/Kundenkarten/Mitgliedskarten von Kundenbindungsprogrammen (Fluggesellschaften, Hotels, Autovermietungen usw.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

O M G – why didn’t I read ahead and anticipate this one so I could clean out my handbag before I got to Day 8???


2 pr gloves

various receipts

small zip pouch for cash, ID, credit cards

extra wallet thing for overflow customer loyalty cards, etc.

feminine hygiene products

lip gloss


Expandable nylon shopping tote that folds up to nothing

extra set of keys

datawatch access badge for work

2 bottles of nail polish

travel size hair spray

reading glasses


business cards

menu from sushi restaurant up the street

ball point pen

cell phone case

loose change

there are times when it could contain one or more of the following:

bottle of water

shoes to change into from snow boots

art journal & markets

laptop computer

fun times with me and my big bag!

MK Large Hampton Tote
MK Large Hampton Tote


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