February One a Day – Day 6 Dinner Party

Lazy Lagoon Beach
Lazy Lagoon Beach (Photo credit: Jon Haylett)

List 10 people, dead or alive, you could have dinner with and describe the menu.

Date: Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013

Location: Somewhere in the world where the evenings are warm and an open tent on the beach would be ideal (big white tent, area lit with torches, fire pit to gather around for after dinner drinks and conversation.)

Attire: Loose fitting robe in color and fabric of your choice (caftan style)

Atmosphere:  Various musicians will perform thoughout on harp, flute, guitar, etc. solo at times and as a group at others, tables will be low to the ground and we will be seated on the sand.  Jesus has graciously offered to provide the wine.

Dinner Party Guest List

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. Aunt Dee
  3. Leocadia Kusciak (my great grandmother)
  4. St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuit order
  5. my dear friendRose
  6. My amazing daughter
  7. My brilliant son
  8. my friend and spiritual advisor Father Large
  9. my friend and yoga teacher Olga
  10. my often quirky and always spiritual friend Mike Tyrrell

(Stand-by List:  James Martin, author of the Jesuit Guide to (almost) Everything; Jim Mellon – entrepreneur and philosopher)


First Course: Cool Cucumber & Mint Soup

Second Course: Sauteed Scallops

Third Course: Small Green Salad with Ginger Dressing

Fourth Course: Petite Filet Mignon

Coffee, Cheese & Fruit

Dessert: Petit Fours made from Big Ass Chocolate Cake and Coconut Cake (from Society Fair)

After Dinner Drinks


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