Photo A Day – CJ’s own challenge Day 3



KatyBug Looks on
Jackson Asleep with Sharky


Day 1 – Our Lady of Hope Statue


Day 2 – My Desk at Work


Day 3 – My Sleeping Son


Jackson and his sister love to sleep in my room for some reason – both have their own rooms w/ comfy beds but for one thing the 2 of the 3 dogs sleep with me and they all like the company.  The other night he was wiped out and for one reason or another brought his shark stuffed animal that he got last summer at the aquarium in Atlanta to bed with him.  I reminded him that “Sharky” was in the bin of stuffed animals I’d asked him to put together to give away……I rescued Sharky b/c we’d gotten him so recently.


Anyhow, this is a blackmail photo I”m putting aside for the future….a pic of him sleeping like a baby with his sister’s pillow pet (aka the KatyBug) resting above him, LOL.




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