I Love the Idea of Taking & Posting a Photo a Day

Anyone with me?

I’ve read about/seen this done before.  I love the Daily Photo Challenge b/c I take oodles of pics with my blackberry which I have within arm’s reach at all times and I save them so they’re handy for the Photo Challenge.

The idea of a Photo A Day is different in that it represents something that caught your fancy such that you were inspired to take a picture.  I’d like to throw this out there to my BBF’s (BEST BLOG FRIENDS) and I know it’s late in the day but nonetheless I will kick things off by sharing a photo I took outside this evening after Mass of the statue of Our Lady of Hope, for Whom our parish is named. Last week I also went to the 5 p.m. Sunday evening mass which I find to be the ideal time for me to go, btw, and I noticed how beautiful she looked all lit up with just the tiniest hint of snow flurry coming down.  It was the same tonight so I took this photo of her with her blue star-covered cape flowing around her.  We have a stunningly beautiful church if I do say so….

From The C-Sweet Photo A Day Challenge – Our Lady of Hope

Statue of Our Lady of Hope, Potomac Falls Virginia
Statue of Our Lady of Hope, Potomac Falls Virginia




  1. That is very beautiful 🙂 Our church is so tiny ! It is cute… But not like this! I wish I could do the picture a day ! I usually don’t go anywhere ! I could do a picture a week or something like that!

  2. How fortuitous that a guy at my work who does freelance photography on the side just started up a photography special interest group at our company and the plan is to take a photo walk once a week – we work in an area that’s perfect for this – i.e. Old Town Alexandria, VA! now I have the other 6 days to worry about!

    • I’ll have to go back through your blog and check out your PaD collection. I really don’t think it’s an easy thing to accomplish over the long haul but I’m determined to blog more regularly and rarely a day goes by that something doesn’t catch my fancy in some way with some connection to something else….thank you for your comment Angeline, I enjoy this back and forth exchange with my peers..birds of a feather and all that <3

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