Daily Prompt: Writing Room

English: Cottage garden Chocolate box garden o...
English: Cottage garden Chocolate box garden on Tresco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A genie has granted my wish to build my perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Corner room with floor to ceiling windows –

L-shaped desk with comfy rolling desk chair in front of one set of big windows

Comfy plush sofa opposite the other set of big windows – actually these windows are French doors and I can walk out onto a patio with English cottage garden landscaping around it and a koi pond


Taking up the opposite corner would be my art studio work space – so the 2nd set of big windows will have northern exposure

Walls lined with rows of ledges to display my artwork – kick ass sound system so I can jam while I paint and write

Color Scheme – blues and greens with cream trim



    • Why thank you, since the genie is granting my wish and I haven’t asked him yet I’ll go ahead and put in the order for one of these for each of us!!!!! But I LOVE having company when I paint so you could come play on the computer, lie on the sofa and read a book, sit out on the patio, etc. and chat with me while I paint?…this is getting better by the minute, no?

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