I Missed Again – Uh Huh, I Think I Missed Again (Daily Prompt)

Olive Chintz
Olive Chintz (Photo credit: Magpies Laundry)

Well this is just silly….that I missed adding my post to today’s daily prompt – the comments get closed and I’m not sure by what time of day this happens but you damn well better believe I’ll be paying closer attention from here on in!

Now, getting back to the serious business at hand (::snort::) Today’s Daily prompt was:

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 

flangiprop:  noun from the root phalanges – aka the finger bones.

definition: a miniature ottoman meant to rest the fingers when they’re fatigued.


After spending over an hour knitting nonstop she rested her hand for a while on her chintz upholstered flangiprop. (See Photo, LOL)

Knitting and crocheting
Knitting and crocheting (Photo credit: bae22)


    • My pleasure – I love the linking, ping back, track back features and related articles. I have fun with these sometimes in that I link things that have an ironic twist on what I’ve written and I’m thrilled when someone notices 🙂

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