February Blog Challenge – One A Day Day 1 Self-Portrait

My new BBF (Best Blogger Friend) Jessica, who threw the fabulously fun and wonderful Blog Party this week has once again invited her followers/readers to join her in a blog activity.  Here is the February Blog Challenge she posted (source?) which involves an activity every day this month.  Image

Please be sure to check out the related blog posts I’ve linked below and so for today – Self Portrait – I offer this photo I took of myself on the day I made the huge life decision to go from 50 years of being a blonde to going brunette…..and now for the unveiling Image…..



  1. Hello sorry one other question 🙂 I really like your page like how you have your blog awards posted up on the side and at the top right you have the little icons people can click on for facebook, wordpress, etc. Do you mind if I ask what layout this is? I have a few awards etc but for some reason cannot figure out how to get them up on the side of my page etc. I may be using the wrong layout. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting the February challenge! I’ve been wondering what the list of questions was 🙂 I would love to do this and they are some good questions that help blogging friends get to know me! Hope it’s ok I started following you. 🙂

    • Hi – I’m delighted to have you follow my blog. The list of questions is found in that picture with the rose motif running down the side if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can read see the daily activities. The theme for my blog is Strange Little Town and the way to set up the sidebar the way you want it, including showing the awards is to go into your blog Dashboard or Blog Administration and under the Appearance Tab you work on the Widgets tab and there’s all sorts of good stuff there you can add and personalize. It takes a bit of time and adjusting to get it the way you want it. And yes, there are some layouts that don’t have the option to display all of this stuff. Hope that helps and welcome to my madness 😀

  3. Wow! What a change! That would be like me going blonde 🙂 I like it though! It looks good on you! It makes your face “pop” !!! I am so happy that I am your new BFF 🙂 You are mine as well!!! I have a little question… How do you get the related articles on the bottom of the post? Do you search for those?

    • Ha! Glad you’re pleased with our new arrangement but you didn’t notice that I said you are my BBF Best Blog Friend! LOL ok, I forget the name of the thingamajig but there’s a widget you add (or something I’ll find it for you) and that creates the suggested photos and related articles – which is the BEST tool for oh so many reasons, for one, most times if you have a related blog it shows up in the list so you can like your own post again……me likey…

      • Oh, shoot! I noticed! I just accidentally wrote BFF !!! LOL! I meant BBF!!! HaHaHa!!! Oh, I would love to have that widget! You know I am big on helping people out 🙂

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