Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

IF my home was on fire, assuming all people and pets are safe and I can physically carry out five things I would grab:

  1. Small File Box from under my desk
  2. Purse (blackberry is usually in there
  3. “Important Documents” box which is the box my bible originally came in and contains birth certs, etc.
  4. My Art Journal & Markers (this counts as one thing I don’ t care what anyone says, LOL)
  5. My Laptop

The first four were no-brainers.  For #5 I suppose I would grab my laptop but if I thought of something better on my way out the door I might substitute. Oh shite, know what – there is something that irreplaceable – my grandparents’ wedding portrait!  #5 has to be the wedding portrait!  Oh, one more thing I have to tell you – Burning Down the House is my favorite Talking Heads song……It became my favorite when I discovered how therapeutic it was to crank it all the way up in the car on the ride home from work after a particularly challenging day….i.e. an “I Want to Strangle My Boss” Day!

English: Formal studio wedding portrait, ca. 1910



    • p.s. wedding photo is not my grandparents – I have their original wedding portrait in the original frame hanging in my dining room and it’s a big one….I pulled that photo b/c it was from a similar era i.e. 20 years earlier than my grandparents’ wedding in the 1930’s

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