Who Says God Only Sends You as Much as You Can Bear?

Mr Bear
Mr Bear (Photo credit: Todd Huffman)

tomorrow’s post will be about a friend telling me today that whoever said that God only gives you as much as you can bear was wrong……

Her partner of 14 years moved out and was being Mr. Max Nasty then her Dad had a stroke and she was at that low point where she felt she just couldn’t bear it anymore.  I jotted that prompt down for myself and saved it back on October 26 and I’m happier to report that my friend is in a much happier, healthier, peaceful place than she was 3 months ago.

Through the power of faith and a good solid friend network she was able to cope and vent and get to the point of being able to laugh her way through it on some days.  For the most part I did the tough love thing and she reminded me of that by telling me that after the 3rd or 4th venting conversation I stated “Nothing you’re telling me about what he says and does surprises me anymore so why do we keep talking about it?”  Well on hearing the playback I thought “how hopelessly insensitive and rude I am!” but she took it with a grain and I apologized twice and included big supportive hugs and thankfully there was no damage done there…whew!

When all of that came full circle it reminded me of how I tormented a good friend of mine with endless, daily stories of woe at one point and it went on for a couple of months.  Why he didn’t choke me to death to shut me up remains a mystery.  All I can say is that I was overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude for having him as a friend at the moment when the light bulb finally went on for me about this and I realized just how good a friend I have.

It’s true really, we only get as much as we can bear because the other side of that coin is that it kills us and we already know some of us don’t make it out alive….OR we just lose our marbles completely because we can’t cope…..I think the KEY here is in believing that you can bear it and then moving forward in whatever small increments you need to work it all out.  Being in touch with yourself and with your God make the burden more bearable.  If we just trust Him He comes through for us every time and we make it back to the light…..

This post is dedicated to my good friends S.P. and M.B. who’ve made it with me  through my storms  and through storms of their own <3



  1. right on! Did you ever watch Tarzan as a kid? There was that scene when the idiot safari dudes would get themselves into quick sand, sinking with no hope of saving themselves… that is until… there saviour magically appeared to pull them out… life can really feel like that… and thank god for our living angels that guide us out of sinking into oblivion and back to solid ground. Great post and glad to hear that all is well…

  2. One minute you have me laughing and the next crying. Thank you for that and for your love and friendship. So glad we did not let life continue on without each other.

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