O M G Elvis is Dead!!

catfish died

daylight savings time ends

catching up on sleep

sleep deprived

Elvis Presley Face Jug #4
Elvis Presley Face Jug #4 (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

My daughter woke me from a sound, and I mean SOUND sleep one Saturday morning saying emotionally “Mom, did you know Elvis is dead!?”  And I replied, in groggy, sleepy fashion “No shit Sherlock.”  Turns out she was talking about our catfish named Elvis……in repeating this story to the mister I piggybacked this tale on a weird, strange dream story so he thought the fish story was also a dream so when I asked him “Is the fish still in the tank?”, the rocket scientist replied “Which one?”

True story – I live with geniuses – and I said “THE DEAD ONE!!”



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