I Really Need to Make One of These, but….


Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

A Christmas Tree Made from Vintage Jewelry is what that is the link to – on Pinterest.  I couldn’t post the picture of the actual piece of artwork which is divine and when I pasted the link before it didn’t work when I tried to get back to it but see what you can do it’s worth a look – very cool Christmas tree done on black velvet with old jeweled brooches and framed…..(end of sidebar)

My issue is that as much as I have an affinity for ephemera, paper and otherwise, and as happy as I am that I’ve discovered mixed media collage and incorporating ephemera, I don’t really have enough of any of it.  The artists, papercrafters, and other collectors among you might be laughing right now because you’re well aware that there is NEVER ENOUGH of the stuff we love.  But honestly, I have a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry and I think I’m at the point where I can see my way clear to parting with it – stop laughing – yes, it’s been in my old jewelry box for years, ok many years so parting with it to use it in a piece of artwork is not really parting with it at all – in fact it’s just the opposite, right – I know this is what the rational people are thinking – it’s re-purposing the stuff and giving it new life.  Yeah I get that now.  You might be surprised to know that I can actually grab a fresh sheet of scrapbook paper and tear a piece off to use in a collage WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING TO SEE IF I HAVE AT LEAST TWO MORE WHOLE PAGES OF IT!  

So that’s what this post is all about – it’s all about the fact that I am in need of the stuff you’ve been squirreling away in old jewel boxes, breakfront drawers, attics, basements, storage boxes, nightstands, under the bed, in the cedar chest – the stuff that you couldn’t bear to throw away and now you can’t bear to think about having to pack it up and move it anywhere…..that stuff that you’d throw away if you did decide to move –

old maps/atlases , travel brochures, postcards, text books, greeting cards especially if they have some sort of doodads attached to them – you know the doodad being the part that made you save the card in the first place…..yeah, that little bird cage or heart or flower – I use all that stuff in my art now…..

are you liking my prompt list so far?????  I’m actually helping you in a way because I’m giving you a place to get rid of this stuff….so there’s more –old canceled checks (like from a past life, I’m not interested in who you’re currently paying to do what, LOL), this is really old but accounting ledgers, SHEET MUSIC, reference books dictionaries are really cool to get, now let’s get back to that non-paper stuff like the old costume jewelry (of any era does not have to look like the old brooches in the Christmas tree example, where was I?  Oh yes, non-paper ephemera – how about scraps of fabric, lace, cloth ribbon?  You and I both know you took that nice piece of ribbon off something you bought and you couldn’t bear to throw it away so you slid it into a drawer…….you don’t have to admit it, just know that I know, ok?

ok, I’m going to take this one step further and then stop for now – any packaging with a neat label – have any wine bottles stashed b/c you liked the label?  BUTTONS, theater programs, little babydoll dresses, booties and sweaters (20″ doll size aka American Girl doll size), broken cups or other crockery.  My rule of thumb is that if you’re questioning whether or not I could or would use it then just throw it in a box and send it and if I can’t or won’t use it I’ll donate it, give it back or toss it for you……

Finally, if you’re wondering what I’d actually do with the doll clothes and broken cups or other crockery please leave me a comment below and I’ll send you a pic of what I’ve done with this type of thing in the past.  One of my side projects is to dig out the camera tripod and camera and take the best possible photos of my finished pieces that I’m capable of taking and when I do I’ll post the portfolio on my Art is ME!  page here on the blog as well as in my Etsy shop and on ARTDeviant.com where you can actually order prints and other things like note cards with images of my work on them……more on that later too – and again, if that’s of interest please leave me a comment b/c hearing that you’re interested will inspire me to take action and move on these things rather than blogging about them.



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