Today is Anti-Procrastination Day (according to the FlyLady)

I was happy to receive an email reminder from the FlyLady about today being Anti-Procrastination Day.  After reading the message I didn’t skip a beat; I went right to work.  The FlyLady asks that you email her to tell her about what you accomplished as a result and here is what I told her:

Hi Marla,

English: "The Dedusting Pump", later...
English: “The Dedusting Pump”, later known as vacuum cleaner. Deutsch: “Die Entstaubungspumpe”, später bekannt als Staubsauger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In honor of you my Anti-Procrastination Day accomplishment is vacuuming the enormous dog bed that’s in my room.  I’m not talking about the king-size bed the dogs and I sleep in.  No, I’m talking about the burgundy colored velvet dog bed that’s on the floor that 1 of the dogs sleeps in for part of each night.  That’s right the one that my vacuum cleaner has been sitting next to for a week.  You got it, the Dyson. Armed with my upholstery attachment and a new vacuum hose I attacked the dog hair build up on the dog bed and it’s actually burgundy again rather than tan!  And there’s a whole new layer of dog hair that looks slightly different from the last layer in the see through vacuum canister.  What fun!  Seriously, so glad I got that done while waiting for a call-back.

Thank you for the reminder!!

Fly Baby CJ in Potomac Falls, VA

On another front, I was delighted to find that a package had arrived for me in the mail yesterday – No, it wasn’t the Adderall – that

Four bottles of ice cold Zoya nail polish, fresh from the mailbox!
Four bottles of ice cold Zoya nail polish, fresh from the mailbox!

comes via UPS or FEDEX and I have to sign for it b/c it’s a controlled substance.  What did arrive in the mail was a special nail treat from Nailicious in Dallas, TX.  Four bottles of Zoya nail polish just for me from the owner – an early Valentine <3!! and I said what a lucky girl am I????!!!!!????!!!!!

Thank You Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The purple-ish sparkly one on the far right looks great over a  deep, almost black purple that I have on my nails already.  See…

purple sparkly nailpolish

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I'm a Soccer Mom/Baseball Mom living the American Dream in northern Virginia. I work as a Business Advisor & Consultant focusing on small-medium sized businesses in my local community. I've drunk the chardonnay, practiced the yoga, driven the minivan, atomized the essential oils, made the spinach dip and attended many Southern Living at Home, Stella & Dot, and Pampered Chef parties. I'm a Catholic, Conservative, Spiritually Awake individual sharing my opinion on whatever catches my fancy and occasionally entertaining a few folks with tales from my ADDiva life!

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