A Day Without Adderall XR is a Day Without…..

A container of Adderall XR
A container of Adderall XR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Sanity.  Actually this is day 3 of being out of Adderall XR and I’m all out of sorts – physically, mentally, emotionally…..Being “scattered” is not as fun as it may look.  Feeling scattered…think about it – feeling like everything is just a bit out of and beyond control…yeah, that’s not any fun either.  This is a rant by the way so if you’re not in the mood here’s where you should change the channel.  Let’s call this rant “Cascade of Annoyances” and it goes like this – I’ve had a bad headache since Sunday morning and have been dragging myself around as a result.  Two extra strength Tylenol gives momentary relief (I’m not kidding) and then I feel like someone took an ax to the back of my head again.

The kids were off yesterday so that was big fun and actually they were pretty good all day.  Today they were back to school and when they got home still pretty good.  There was a small skirmish when  they were changing into tae kwon do uniforms but I snuffed out that battle very quickly but on top of being annoyed because the whole day slipped away while I sat on my bed with a sick headache trying to work there’s –

  • kids leaving the house yet again with winter coats unzipped or better yet, missing – yeah it’s still 23 degrees, same as it was this morning when they left for school
  • eggshells from hard boiled egg eaten by RG4 (aka Jackson) for snack
  • empty cookie bag (aka TRASH) left on the desk in family room by Evil-ina (aka Kate)
  • Dogs dying to go out; went out; so far so good; FTWD comes in and hurls a gigundous blob of white foam and mucous in front of the sofa in the family room

Are you having fun yet?  This is as much fun as a day at the beach…a Memorial Day weekend day at the south Jersey shore when it’s cold and rainy and you’re freezing your ass off because you didn’t pack a heavy sweatshirt or an umbrella….that’s how much fun it is here right now.

So the kids each got a not so nice-y note from me about their misdeeds – add to Kate’s putting most of her clean laundry into the dirty clothes basket AGAIN FOR THE MILLIONTH AND A HALF TIME……I’m breathing, breathing is good, right?  And the dryer is making a big noise again – see how these things cascade – one annoyance right into another – so as I cleaned up the kitchen the fact that my manicure from Friday AFTER I cleaned the kitchen is totally chipped and all I did was have a headache all weekend……Tomorrow will be a better day and with any luck my Adderall will arrive just like the nice lady in the recording from the mail order pharmacy told me it would……..FTWD is outside barking – I guess he’s cold….guess he’s not running a fever.  Wonder if it’s safe to let him in?



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