Because these are the things I can focus on…..

With that huge empty pot of dirt sitting by the window in my dining room it was a natural that I’d cut off the top of the sweet potato I found rooting in the pantry, and plant it in that pot of dirt.  After planting I watered generously and given the expected outcome I was still surprised to see how much it had grown in a short time, LOL.  I do find it fascinating to watch things grow up out of the dirt…Sweet Potato Vine

Meanwhile, back on the window sill I’m still waiting for the avocado pit to root to replace the one eaten by Fernando the Wonder Dog (FTWD) several months ago…this is a long process – a project best started and then forgotten for a while – except for the fact that you have to make sure your avocado pit is still sitting in the water because water does tend to evaporate when forgotten for a while.

While in a photo snapping mood I took one of my latest collage board creation.  This one has more of a Valentine theme and is another piece that I’ve been thinking about putting together since the CT (Art is YOU!) trip.  Near the top you can see part of the sheet music for the tune “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” which I discovered on the swap table at the retreat.  I love using sheet music in collage.  So far I haven’t added the image of the Golden Gate Bridge I’m feeling.  So until further notice it’s a work in progress.



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