Again with the mood ring thing……I’m up to over $2/month

English: Collage of Airbus A380, US Air Force ...
English: Collage of Airbus A380, US Air Force F-35A, NASA Ares V (concept), NASA Helios spacecraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ok, so this is sort of cool but sort of odd as well, I think.  On the day I posted about being in a blue mood one of the related items that came up was about the meaning of the various colors of a mood ring and I inserted it as related – the way I insert all of the tongue in cheek, especially tangentially related in really funny way items.  And the thing I find odd is this:  the thing in my blog that comes up most in searches is “meaning of mood ring colors”.  Now, in mentioning it yet again I realize I’m totally milking it for all it’s worth…..yes I do realize that and would add that I never imagined it would be worth anything at all.

and speaking of worth, while I cannot report the tremendous growth experienced from month 1 to month 2 as far as ad revenue from the blog – I am delighted to report that revenue DOUBLED last month from the prior month – that’s right doubled… this rate, well I’m not going into the power of compounding because I’d actually have to look up the exact definition and you’re really not that interested… friends – $2.77 last month!  In another few months I’ll be checking out accommodations on Easy St.,, no?

I’ll just add this third, totally unrelated item……I am trying to do some work on my work laptop and although I’ve typed in our internet security key dozens of times, have it written down and stashed somewhere, maybe also have it stashed electronically somewhere…..key word?  somewhere……yup, still having to ping the rocket scientist

to get the key.  hate that!!


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