Oh Christmas Tree

Monticello (Photo credit: cogdogblog)

Christmas Tree 2012Over the past 30 years or so I’ve collected Christmas ornaments.  The ornaments I have are either gifts from friends or those I’ve collected from places visited.  The ornaments new to the tree this year are a porcelain teapot from Monticello, carved olive wood ornaments from the Holy Land, a heavy silver ornaments that says HOHOHO!; and a sand dollar ornament from last year’s trip to Savannah, GA.  I’ll have to take better photos of the tree and some of the ornaments tomorrow in the daylight when I can get clearer shots.

The kids put most of the ornaments on this morning and to their credit I had to rearrange very few.  There are a few more to put on there and then the tinsel, or for the new agers – icicles, I have more of the gold tinsel that I found last year – it’s not the same as the silver but it’s the only thing I could find that even slightly resembled the old fashioned stuff.

Not only did the kids do a great job with the ornaments this year but they took it upon themselves to make it more fun by playing Christmas carols for us while we worked.  Jackson enjoyed the D n D – dancing and decorating…

I did a little shopping today also and caught some stuff on sale – namely, since we’re on the subject, fancy gold ornament hangers with a little red bead on each.  I like them because of course I insist that every ornament be hung with a hook and this year I swapped out a few longer hooks for shorter hooks.

I’m very particular about the way the ornaments hang on the branches….they must hang freely to as great an extent as possible, vs. being propped up against branches.  Of course spacing is a large factor – there’s no bunching or crowding of ornaments allowed.

One ornament, one that was new last year – a decorative wine glass – got broken even though they were all carefully packaged in ornament storage boxes.  I have a set of glass ornaments from Poland that we get at our church each year.  So far I have an ornament that is a replica of the church, one of our patron Our Lady of Hope – you can see her handing on the right near the top in all her blue cape glory, Christ the King, St. Michael (Jackson’s favorite saint), and there’s one more that wasn’t stored with the others and it’s downstairs and I can’t recall what it is.  This year’s ornament is for sale and it’s the Holy Family but I haven’t made that purchase yet.

I tried to finish off the shopping for those whose gifts I have to package up and mail to them.  I’m almost there.  Hopefully tomorrow I can pull it all together and get it to the post office.  Before doing that I’ll be over at Lowes Island Elementary helping to get the set ready for the 5th grade play on Wednesday, then meeting a friend for lunch.  Right now I need a bit of a rest from the shopping trip, then I’ll put the last of the ornaments on the tree – maybe start with the tinsel…..



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