A Day at the Museum

English: grindstone
English: grindstone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was fun at the Natural History Museum  with Travis and Kate.  They made an attempt to run me ragged though, lol.  We were in and out of three rooms within the first 10 minutes and then I put my foot down and we proceeded in a slower, more orderly fashion.

The most exciting part, the Dom Pedro aquamarine, was AMAZINGLY FABULOUS!!!!!  Unlike the much more famous Hope Diamond, the DP aquamarine was not cut to be set in a piece of jewelry.  It’s in the shape of an obelisk which shows off the beautiful star bursts within the crystal.  It’s magnificent and as an aquamarine lover I’m glad I went to see it.  I could easily spend an hour or two in each room there.

Between actually having to put my nose to the grindstone and go back to work this week for three whole days and this field trip chaparone gig my feet are killing me and I’m bone tired.  So tonight I regroup and rest up because I have to get my holiday gift-buying done and the wrapping and mailing of anything that I intend to mail.  The jury is out on whether I’ll do Christmas cards this year.  Maybe I’ll do the same as I did a couple of years ago and wrote out the holiday cards at my leisure during the vacation time I took after the actual Christmas Day.  I may have just talked myself into that…..in fact some folks are known to be among the first or the first to get their cards out each year and I think I’ll make my mark on the other end of that scale by being the last card received each year, LOL.

So the week was fabulous – loving on the new job  – good company with a great story, terrific group of people, and some exciting things in the hopper for 2013.  It’s good to be back in the game..  Jackson’s birthday was a huge success by his measure and he’s up and running with his new iPhone.  He still wants to have a sleepover with a few of his buds, go to the movies, eat some pizza, play some Madden on the xBox, etc.  Not my favorite sort of weekend adventure….we’ll see if we can make that happen.  I’m not really willing to try to bribe him with another sort of treat in lieu of the sleepover with Christmas this close.

Child Chimney Sweep in Snow
Child Chimney Sweep in Snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other than that I’d like to get the tree up on Sunday and whatever decorations that will be making the scene will be out by then too or they’ll stay in storage until next year.  Next week is another big week with Jackson’s stage debut as Ash Can, one of the chimney sweeps in the 5th grade Christmas play and then we’re down to the wire with the last weekend before Christmas.  I’m thinking of making the pierogi this year – who knows if I’ll actually pull that off – they’re so worth it so I might push myself this year!!


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