A Little of This & A Little of That Today

WINDOW CLEANER (Photo credit: Ashley Groome)

Nine months ago faced with the daunting task of trying to boost my energy level after the horrid case of shingles I was determined to spend a considerable amount of my time off de-cluttering around the house and cleaning it myself.  I’m happy to report that with a pending start date for a new job next week I’ve made considerable progress with the house and many of the areas on my hit list have been cleaned out – my craft area, the apothecary-style table in the family room, the breakfront in the dining room, the front hall closet and the bench in the coat rack – all catchall and drop spots for incoming clutter and junk.

Along the way I’ve learned the important habit of taking opportunities to get a little done each day if all I have are chunks of time or just one small block of time.  Recently I decided that I would attack the icky and overwhelming job of washing windows and I’m really proud to report that today I took one small step and cleaned a window.  Just one window and I’m proud of doing it because ordinarily I’d be procrastinating until I felt like doing some major window-washing.  Yeah, like that day would ever happen in 10 lifetimes, right?

So as far as today’s total activity goes I ran a hot meatball sandwich over to Jackson for his lunch today, washed the window inside and out and made a few repairs to the drapery hardware before putting it all back together, vacuumed the upstairs hallway, moved the rest of the summer clothes bins down to the basement for storage, laundered a bedspread, ordered groceries online, sent off an email to my new employer, and the day’s still young so I’m gonna keep moving.  If tomorrow’s weather is as mild here in the DC area as it was today I’ll press on with the rest of the 26 windows left to clean.

I’m debating about whether to whip up a batch of my own window cleaning solution or try to find the wonder window cleaner Aunt Dee said she’d found.  I’m going to alternate the window washing with washing and polishing the kitchen cabinets that are driving me nuts.  In the mix will be washing and polishing the hardwood floor in the front hall.  My focus is on doing a complete and thorough job with each of these rather than rushing through and maybe cutting corners.

So that’s my little of this and a little of that for today.


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