The Family Room is So Clean

family room project
family room project (Photo credit: annendale) This is really strange but it actually is the same shape and size as my family room…

Today I power cleaned the family room, the domain of everyone in the family but me.  With 3 dogs confined to the kitchen & family room area the family room gets the biggest accumulation of dog hair.  I would said I vacuumed out about 4 lbs of dog hair today.  I also went through my apothecary table, which being in the family room is also the domain of mostly the kids.  In there I found 6 sock (not necessarily pairs), two empty Capri Sun drink pouches, a popsicle stick, 6 hair elastics, 3 Sony DS chargers, assorted McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and birthday party goody bag junk, 8 pencils, 3 notebooks, some candy wrappers, and lots of crumbs, dog hair and dust.  I am talking about a full kitchen garbage bag full of debris….did I mention the outdoor horseshoes game (not the metal ones, lol), a light saber, a policeman’s cap, some airsoft pellets, some sunglasses, a clipboard, a Disney Princess jewelry game of some sort, and a ball of yarn.

There was more….oh yeah, I almost forgot, a red power ranger was in there.  He’s gone now too – it’s mostly all gone.  They’re not going to know what hit them when they open up the various drawers and the big section in the back and find it empty.  We could of course keep the throw blankets in there so the dogs don’t lie all over them when we’re not there but nah, that would make too much sense, wouldn’t it?

This power cleaning also led me to discover that the Wii exercise board platform thing fits into the bottom of the t.v. armoire and the guitar for Guitar Hero almost fits under there and almost is good enough because the doors got removed some time ago so I can’t close it up anyway.  I’m starting to scare myself with this housecleaning stuff because I went out after the cleaning in search of a particular floor wax and a particular window cleaner that I’d heard about.  No luck with that but I will be doing the windows between now and Christmas.  If my 74 year old aunt/godmother is washing her windows and polishing her kitchen cabinets the I should damn well be doing it as well.  And I might as well do it now before I go back to work and decide I want my nice gel manicure again.  Wrestling with those buggers is no fun and it’s going to make me aggravated because the windows are crap and I want new ones.  Good thing I’m going back to work, huh?  I’ll be starting a new windows fund, a vacation fund, a new washer and dryer fund, a new carpeting fund, and I’ll have to leave it up to the mister to handle a new roof fund.  We’ve been in the house 13 years and our neighbors just had a new roof put on- you know how that goes, it’s like a domino effect with major appliances, etc.

Ok, so enough of the suspense – I know you’re thinking “geez Cynde, how clean is the freaking family room”  Well I’ll tell you, the family room is as clean as it’s ever been and when the kids got home from school I told them that they’d never seen it so clean in their lifetimes..  The family room is much cleaner even than when my kick-ass cleaning ladies were cleaning it!


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