Is this Mood Ring Thing For Real?

My Take on CND's Mood Ring Nails
My Take on CND’s Mood Ring Nails (Photo credit: NailsandNoms)

As a newer blogger hoping to increase traffic to my postings and readership in general hoping to go viral and all of that I look at my stats each day.  That’s how I discovered that nearly every single day someone hits my blog because they’re looking for the meanings of the various colors of mood rings.  That’s a whole lot of internet searching on mood rings.  Mood rings were popular when I was a kid – what was it, in the 70’s?  Why so popular these days?  Am I missing something?

Ah yes I see, mood makeup is something I’m missing and according to related articles that turned up as I wrote this I also missed the resurgence in popularity of mood rings in the 90’s.

Wow, look at all that happens when you’re not paying attention…



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