My Chakras Are Balanced….Are Yours?

Chakras are the energy levels in our bodies that are linked to one another and the seven glands of the endocrine system which they govern. They control our experiences, sensations and feelings. (from

This morning’s yoga session was devoted to chakra balancing and I left feeling lighter and yes, balanced.

I knew I wanted to paint today and I came home and created a chakra diagram using torn paper and acrylic paint on medium density fiberboard – 8 x 16 in.

I balanced my chakras this morning in yoga class so I decided to paint them when I got home

First:  Root

Second:  Sacral

Third:  Solar Plexus

Fourth: Heart

Fifth:  Throat

Sixth:  Third Eye

Seventh:  Crown

When’s the last time you balanced yours?



  1. Chakras balanced? I think not. The closest I’ve come to balancing anything lately is when I stand on one leg to put on panty hose or tights…which is only for Special Occasions. Never learned to do it sitting down.
    So….balancing chakras….is there an app for that?

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