My Thanksgiving Page – Art Journal – stream of consciousness

My favorite color is pink

I’m thankful that I’ve reconnected with my artistic self

I love my kids but they’re driving me nuts today – computers, Wii, X-box 360, tv, DSi, basketball, football, baseball, bikes, skateboards, books, Kindle, games…..they have nothing to do except fight about HOW they’re gonna play an NCAA football game on the x-box……

Next week may bring a job offer….maybe I’ll start saving to take myself away on vacation.  I need to pray about this…how to handle kids who are sweet as can be but can’t appreciate what they have….

I can’t believe I did my hair dark yesterday – I have never not been a blonde….until Wednesday….finally got the long awaited pedicure too – I’ve been doing it myself for the past few months….

I’m going to take a short break then regroup and continue painting.  that will be my new mantra – when all else fails – paint!



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