Success at the Craft Fair Today!!

I don’t know how much money the Lowes Island Elementary School PTO raised with the recycling fundraiser today – but I hope it was a nice sum and I really loved the whole idea of getting to take some old stuff that needed to go literally  across the street to get rid of it!  Also helps a lot when the mister drives a big Dodge Ram.

The mister (and the Ram) got all of our old electronics, spent batteries, printer ink cartridges, etc.  AND my Christmas plaques and paintings and display gear over to LIES for the event.

I was fortunate in that my table was strategically placed near –

  1. an entrance and on an end (thank you Martha Daniel!!!)
  2. the Bee Happy lady with the honey and the samples and I love me some honey!!!!!
  3. Ms. Shari and her floral arrangements and wreaths because I had a great time cutting up with her and her bff Rhonda!

Having no expectations about sales because this is my first try at selling my work I am pleasantly surprised to report that I sold 3 of the Christmas plaques – the purple angel went first, I knew she would! AND someone is interested in commissioning a personalized painting/collage for her son, a la my If It Makes You Happy.  I wasn’t sure about taking the big painting b/c I’m not quite sure I’d sell it but then I figured I’d be sorry if I really wanted to talk about it with someone and I didn’t have it with me – so I took it and a work in progress that I started last week on the topic of: KATHERINE.

While I was sitting there I pulled out my sketchbook and colored pencils and wrote up a little description of how the painting was created and then another little note to post about the work in progress and to talk to me about commissioning.  This effort resulted in one potential taker and I couldn’t be more thrilled considering traffic was not huge at this event, it was only open until noon, and really I know this type of work is high end for a craft fair but it was worth the $25 to try it as a test market and well worth it when I add the sales, possible commission, quality time with Ms. Shari and the Bee Happy Lady, meeting another artist and tentatively scheduling a Ladies’ Night at Round Hill Arts Center her sometime soon.

But wait, there’s more!  Some of the other wonderful things that happened were the seashell collage I made and donated for the Seashells for New Jersey fundraising effort was raffled off and I received recognition for my donation of artwork.  I bought a seashell ornament made my the LIES kids and their art teacher (the amazing and talented Leanne Poindexter for purposes of this fundraiser.  My talented kids performed with their Tae Kwon Do demo team from Sterling Tiger Den Martial Arts Studio and they all did a splendid job.  Last but not least I surprised quite a few acquaintances who didn’t know that I was an artist, into painting, had stuff on display at the craft fair…..and I almost forgot about unloading all of the leftover Halloween candy that I set out in a huge bowl on my display table…..but the absolute best part of the whole morning was seeing the looks of appreciation on the faces who stopped by my table to check out my labors of love…..watching someone take in your work and seeing the smile break out on their face is absolutely   priceless!


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  1. Cynde…thank YOU so much for your enthusiasm AND the donation of your beautiful painting! That sand bucket was pretty full by the time we drew the name! …and let me know about that girls night out! ~that sounds awesome!!!! 🙂 Maybe we can bring along Kendall and Jackson 😉

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