Creating, Creating, Creating like Crazy

Creating, Creating, Creating like Crazy
Join Me for Java finished Saturday morning

Well, I’m down to the wire – the holiday craft fair is this Saturday and I have about 15 pieces to display and offer for sale. 15 was my target number and I had a few other things I was trying to get done in time for a little variety so I have hand-knitted washcloth/facecloths done up as well. Last night I was contemplating going to bed early but sat down and picked up a paintbrush and soon I’d put together another Christmas plaque on wood. I kept going a little further, little further and so today I think if I put the finishing touches on we’ll be all set with another one for the sale.

Life Changing Heavy Gel Medium (prefer matte)

I worked on the coffee cup piece that I’d dreamed up a while ago and am really pleased with the way it turned out. I have the other half of the broken cup already attached to a stretched canvas and that one, with no handle, is going to be more of a vase of flowers type deal vs. the coffee theme. And all of this is possible of course because I discovered heavy gel medium back in October (another shout out to my teacher, Sue Pelletier  You MUST go check out her snowmen – you have never seen snowmen like this before in your life, I promise).

So with all of this creating the house can pretty much be labeled a disaster area. My son commented last night that he doesn’t see what the big deal is about having everything neat and squared away. Funny, that kid, to come out with that as I’m at the end of my rope with the clutter. And understand that some of it is clutter of my own making with the dining room as studio and the living room as office and display space but I haven’t had time to chase down anyone else’s clutter either. Yesterday I decided enough is enough and started housecleaning.

"N-R-O-G super suds housecleaning week&qu...

I’m taking it one room at a time and yesterday was kitchen day. I figure that if I put in some time each day then once Saturday comes and goes I won’t be left with the whole mess staring me down and I’ll have a head start to get it all put back together nicely for Thanksgiving. So that’s the plan and I think it’s a good one. Today I’ll tackle the powder room and front hall, make a run to The Closet to drop off a load of items for donation, finish this plaque I started last night and get started on one or two more while having a little laundry going on in the background. I think this is a good plan for a dreary day – the items for donation are already sorted out and ready to go so I guess that’s my first order of business once I finish my morning cup of tea.



  1. Hey there – commenting on my own post, yeah I am. I really love the way this piece turned out and also its mate, i.e. the other half of the broken mug. If anyone reading this ever breaks a cup or a bowl or a glass in half like this please send to me – I’d like to make more of these and can’t afford to drop all of my crockery hoping something will split exactly right, LOL

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