Working for a Living Revisited

English: DIning Room of Kuskovo Palace, Moscow
English: DIning Room of Kuskovo Palace, Moscow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’m still enjoying the amazing sensation of semi-retirement and I’m swamped with various things going on some of which would not be happening if I was still employed but some things – soccer tournament, planning an end of season soccer party/going away party for our friends, Thanksgiving, etc. would still be going on.  But I probably wouldn’t have even thought about taking on having the party at our house if I was working right now.

Working at home, i.e. making art for this art show/craft fair has made more work for me in that the dining room has been my studio, the living room my office and display area, and to hell with the rest of the house as far as cleaning goes…..The missing ingredient is that I can’t not let the clutter bother me so I have to clean it all up sooner vs. right after this art show thing.

She looks so happy……because she has no idea!!!

And just in the nick of time too because I had the second job interview which has resulted in me being asked back for a third interview.  Ordinarily I’d frown upon the “make it up as you go along” interview process but in this case the job is also being created as we go along so I am all for the current process.

So that’s it – I’m just starting the process of preparing mentally to be going back to work.  Coming out of semi-retirement which I’m not sure applies in this case because a part-time role is what’s under discussion.  More things that have yet to unfold but things are moving in the right way and I know I’m in good hands because I’d placed my trust in the Lord!

Jesus is the Bread of Life!


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