This Bears Repeating Until Everyone is Warm

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This Bears Repeating Until Everyone is Warm

I just re-posted this on my Facebook page with a shout out to our newly elected president asking him to please prioritize our own fellow citizens now that the noise of the election is behind all of us…..As a conservative, i think this would go a long way toward healing the rift that was made obvious on Tuesday night….

I’m not talking here about the folks whose 2nd homes got wiped out.  as a Jersey shore lover all my life I feel for them too….but do you realize this storm put people not just out of their homes in NY – it wiped their homes away…….maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to what went on after Katrina and I’m a bit naive about these things but do our brothers and sisters in NY and NJ really have to camp out in the cold two weeks before Thanksgiving in a country where an obscene amount of money was just spent on political campaigning and politicking…….I can’t just pick up and leave my children to go help out but if I could I’d be headed north and I’d be trying to get alternate shelter for at least a few families to have access to hot showers and a warm place to sleep!


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  1. p.s. and shame on me for being too wrapped up in my own damn life when Katrina hit New Orleans and not doing more at that time. I can’t donate money right now – I’m not working – but if anyone knows of a way to help out as far as getting assistance directly to those who are out in the cold please share. God Bless you!

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