Ahem, I have an announcement to make……

Drum roll please!

Drums (Photo credit: petersawatzky)

Since I got Word Ads on my blog I have made an incredible three cents from the month of September.  With all of the traffic in October I should be well over a dime when this next statement comes out!

I couldn’t have done it without all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. this may come off a bit snarky but as my Aunt Dee Dee always advised me “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves!”  Dziękuję ciotki!


Author: The C-Sweet

I'm a small business adviser and HR consultant, former part-time college professor, soccer & baseball mom, livin' in the northern Virginia subburbs, sipping the chardonnay, sharing my opinion on whatever catches my fancy and occasionally entertaining a few folks with tales from my ADDiva life!

12 thoughts on “Ahem, I have an announcement to make……”

  1. That’s marvellous. Soon you will be able to afford half a drum stick. Meg White and Patty Schemel better watch out, you’ll be rocking their socks off!


        1. Ahem, why thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and p.s. if I double up in Oct I will be up to a major league nine cents…..almost enough to make a phone call 50 years ago, lol
          thank you for appreciating my nonsense and engaging! xo


        2. p.p.s. you don’t actually get the money until you accrue US$100….then and only then is it worthwhile to cut a check….I’m ok with that. when I get to that US$100 drinks are on me sista!


    1. LOL, I know – it’s overwhelming isn’t it? See what you can do with 50 followers and an average of 6-12 visits /every 48 hours. It’s good that I do this mostly for fun right? LOL


    1. provided the markets ticks up considerably! LOL I had a 2nd interview for a potentially interesting position – a 3rd interview being lined up for next week – I may be more semi-employed than semi-retired very shortly…


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