Hurricane Sandy Preparedness the C-Sweet Way

Flag of the Red Cross Suomi: Punaisen Ristin l...
Flag of the Red Cross Suomi: Punaisen Ristin lippu Français : Drapeau de la Croix-Rouge Italiano: Bandiera della Croce Rossa Македонски: Знаме на Црвениот Крст Rumantsch: Bandiera de la Crusch cotschna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Went to the supermarket – checkout line wasn’t that long but the deli line was crazy; no number system so I avoided that madness altogether!

Bought the kids a pumpkin to carve since I’d told them in no uncertain terms that the beautiful specimen from my garden would be going under no knife!

Bought the groceries we needed (vs. stocking up) because if god-forbid we lose power, yeah you can figure out the rest.

The patio umbrella has been taken down.

I put a pork roast in the oven – first roast of the cold weather cooking and eating “season”, LOL

We’ve already been notified that the schools in our county (Loudoun) are closed tomorrow.

I’d planned to spend the rest of the day painting but haven’t picked up a brush as of yet and it’s 5:21.  Need to go finish off dinner with some roasted potatoes and a green vegetable so maybe after dinner.

I did not stock up on wine.  I have a bottle on hand and cannot imagine the stores running out of chardonnay they way they’ve run out of bottled water.  I can make it to the store for wine if I need to.

I do have dog biscuits which could have been a disastrous b/c we were totally out.  Nothing to lure FTWD and his brother and sister into their kennels with if we’re out of biscuits….

And that my friends is the way it is in northern VA.  I will be thinking about and praying for my friends to the north of here in Philly and NYC where the Red Cross is setting up shelters and people are being evacuated.  I think the worst part of this storm is going to pass us by and for this I’m grateful.  I’ll let you know just how grateful I am if we get through this without losing power for several days the way we did in early July.

Cheers & Stay Cozy my friends!


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