How Easily We Overlook God’s Influence in Our Daily Lives

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by michelle w. on October 26, 2012

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Lilies (Photo credit: Gustible)

How strong is your faith?  Do you ever think about it?  I don’t mean how firmly do you believe in God.  I don’t mean do you regularly attend  Sunday church services.I don’t even mean how closely do you associate yourself with one organized religion or another.

What I mean is Do you trust in the Lord?

When I think about real faith in God the story of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field comes to mind…..and there was a song written and performed by a Christian singer of old named Sebastian Temple.  This particular part of the lyrics go like this “The lilies of the field they do not spin or weave, yet Solomon was not arrayed like one of these.  The birds of the air they do not sow or reap, but God tends to them like a shepherd tends his sheep. Chorus: Do not worry over what to eat, what to wear, or put upon your feet.  Trust and pray, go do your best today, then leave it in the hands of the Lord, leave it in the hands of the Lord.”

I have loved those lyrics and that song since I was in 5th grade.  My teacher that year was  Miss Anne and Miss Anne had plans to enter the convent and become Sister Madonna Therese.  Miss Anne introduced our class to the beautiful music of Sebastian Temple (who also wrote the more familiar “Make Me  A Channel of Your Peace” which is the Prayer of St. Francis set to music.)  I loved every single hymn on both of Temple’s albums that Miss Anne played nearly every day of my 5th grade year.

I loved them so much that 30 years later when a classmate asked about my favorite teacher and my favorite hymn from our time at St. Hedwig‘s, I tracked down the no-longer-available-in-any-stores albums of Sebastian Temple called Happy the Man and Sing! People of God, Sing!   This latter part of the story being fairly recent, my next move was to bide my time and ask anyone and everyone if they had a USB enabled record turntable so that I could digitize the music on the albums.  What a throwback to listen to a scratchy album….remember the white noise between songs….and having to flip them over to get to the B-side.

So anyhow, that’s the type of faith I’m talking about – the faith that enables you to pray to your God and then leave the outcome of whatever you are praying about in His hands and what reminded me of this today was something I heard on the radio.  The announcer on the Christian station I sometimes listen to talked about being in the process of selling his house before he’d bought another one one.  He asked for God’s assistance so that he and his family would find another home they could move into before or at the same time of the closing on his current home.  Actually what he did was something I’d never think to do–he told God that he didn’t wish to envy another person who had the house he wanted–and then he left it God to it.

Apparently, the man had made the 2nd offer on a particular house and assumed it would be going to the first bidder.  However, shortly after making his request for God’s care in this matter he learned that the first parties had pulled their offer and the new house twas his.  The radio announcer felt the hand of God at work there.  Would you have felt it?  Would you have even prayed about it in the first place?

What about the much smaller things?  I’m talking about little things that we easily overlook in our busy lives but if our situations change and we start paying closer attention we’d begin to sense God’s presence in our everyday lives.  And I have an example there too and this also happened today.  The Fed-Ex truck came by and left a package for me this afternoon.  Since I’m not currently working and no longer receiving a regular paycheck I’m well aware of whether I ordered something or not, and I did not recall having anything on order.  So in comes the box with the kids after school and it’s addressed to me and I open it and there is a Burt’s Bees brand skin care set in the box just for me.  It’s not like I’m out of facial moisturizer or anything like that but here was some lovely product that I’d really enjoy using to take care of myself arriving in the mail to me FREE OF CHARGE.

Then I remembered that the skin care set was a little gift from a website I recently registered with and have been using called This was, in fact, my 2nd little perk  from although there were some other offers for things I wasn’t interested in as well.  My other perk is a set of 50 business cards and for that one I did have to pay a $5 shipping charge.   Today’s perk felt like a little special something just for me though – free and clear and I can push worries of wrinkles appearing back for at least a couple more months!  Yes, the hand of God–sounds a little more sane than if I said “the Lord sent me a little Burt’s Bees surprise and it came today via Fed-Ex,” doesn’t it? 

I recently had a conversation with someone and I told a story of a time when I felt that God was really speaking directly to me.  This was a one-on-one lightning bolt kind of experience and after I told the story the other person said “and this is different from your intuition, how?”  And I really didn’t know what to say.  It’s not that I don’t know how it’s different; it’s that the question caught me off guard.  If asked the same question my reply would be, “I just know,” and that is because I do know that in those circumstances God was making His will for me known to mewhich is an awesome and amazing gift if you’ve ever had it happen to you.

p.s.  if by some miracle anyone reading this knows of or knew Anne Clerico, who studied at what was then called Our Lady of Angels College (now Neumann Collegein southeastern Pennsylvania I’d love to hear from you.

tomorrow’s post will be about a friend telling me today that whoever said that God only gives you as much as you can bear was wrong……


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