Definition of Insanity Further Explained: FTWD Strikes Again

By now everyone’s heard the old definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results–true words spoken by none other than genius Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Stoper)

Today I’m going to give you a true life example of insanity at work….

I washed my bathroom throw rugs this morning.  One of them has the rubber non-slip backing.  I put most of the in the dryer and took the one with the rubber backing outside and draped it over the back of a chair on the patio.  I let the dogs out at the same time.  Shortly after getting inside and upstairs I heard a clatter–didn’t see Fernando (FTWD) and couldn’t see the chair where the rug was hanging because the patio umbrella was blocking the view.

Came downstairs after a bit and looked out the kitchen window….patio chair and cushions askew; no navy blue throw rug.  FTWD had done it again.  He’s now in time-out in his crate which I’m sure is a bit confusing since I lured him in there with a biscuit.  On some level I think he’s smart enough to connect the biscuit with the luring into crate and not think it’s a reward for taking the throw rug and dragging it through the flower bed.  Yet, he’s insane in that he thinks there will be a different result when I find that he’s taken something he shouldn’t have (i.e. anything of MINE) and run off with it to play.

I do realize, of course, that I’m the insane one and I was asking for trouble when I put the rug out there to dry.  FTWD was actually out then and watched me do it (ok, probably he did).  Letting him see me do it was just about a guarantee that he’d immediately take off with it.  It was a matter of about a minute, less than two.  Had he not actually seen me put the rug over the back of the chair it may have taken up to ten minutes for him to drag it around on me so that part doesn’t really matter much.

I’m telling you this to illustrate how when we do these insane things we are HOPING for a different outcome each time.  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in HOPE.  I think we’re all lost without it, LOL, but this is FTWD’s pattern.

English: Dog biscuit.
English: Dog biscuit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But this time the punishment is a little different.  I’m not punishing all three of the boxketeers because of the bad deed of one FTWD.  They all followed the lure into the basement and they all entered their crates and got the biscuit but only one crate was closed and latched.  The other two followed me upstairs….and Lady, who Jeff swears is dumb as a post, actually walked on her tippy toes to be sneaky about it.  More dumb like a fox than a post, she is!  The doofus in the basement is barking because he realizes he’s alone down there.  I might go turn the t.v. on for him but I might forget.

Hopefully he’ll drift off into a nice little puppy siesta and dream about snacking on tender avocado shoots….ah, Fernando, you beautiful boy!  I’m not insane enough to tell you to stop barking….I’m going to crank up the iTunes and spend the rest of the day painting!

Or was this the day he opened 8 new bags of mulch
A dog’s life is busier than you would think…..

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