Ordinary Day

Today is an ordinary day.  I’m finally getting a little bit used to what that means.  With hundreds and hundreds of possibilities each day, you can’t imagine what it’s like to get organized and get a schedule together to make good and efficient use of the time now available.  The time that you’ve been craving and needing for a really long time. And then there’s the pressure to really put the time to good use, to not waste the time….

I spent some time healing physically and emotionally from a nasty case of shingles and from the stress of a long commute to a consulting job I didn’t want to be doing.  It’s been three-quarters of a year now and with the kids back in school for the past month or so it’s been easier to gauge the flow of a day and the window of opportunity to get things done while I’m alone, run errands alone, plan meals, and be present and available to help them with homework or discuss whatever they’d like to talk about when they get home from school each day.

I’ve geared up to paint my brains out over the next few weeks to have pieces of art and crafts ready for an upcoming holiday craft fair.

craft table
craft table (Photo credit: normanack)

Using the techniques I learned at the recent workshops I attended recently, I’m making holiday collage plaques on wood as well as some handcrafted items suitable for gifts – hand knitted cotton cloths that can be used as facecloths or dusting cloths; fuzzy scarves, and I have a few more ideas up my sleeve, time permitting.  I’m treating this small craft fair as a test market and possibly taking orders for the wooden plaques to make them up for upcoming holidays.  I don’t know whether it’s the ADDiva or the artist in me but while I’m working on a Christmas plaque I’m getting ideas for other themes that pop into my head.  For example, in collecting collage materials I found a piece of sheet music for the tune “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and I have the first page/title piece  for the music – so I have a San Francisco-heart theme piece in the works while I’m working on two Christmas plaques and working out a couple of other pieces in my head…..exciting stuff.

Sometimes when I need to just stop and think for a while I go outside to see how my morning glory vine wreaths are coming along.  I have them outside drying out and every few days I check them to weave them a little tighter, see if they’ll be sturdy enough to decorate up into ornaments of some kind.  One in particular is really cool – it turned out looking so much like a nest.  I’m really excited about what I can do with that one; I just hope a bird family doesn’t abscond with it while i have it out there drying.

Now I must go back to sorting and folding laundry and planning a yummy snack for the backyardigans when they get home from school!



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