Too Much On Your Mind?

English: The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Mem...
English: The original Piggly Wiggly Store, Memphis, Tennessee. The first self service grocery store, opened 1916. Français : Le premier supermarché Piggly Wiggly ouvert en 1916 à Memphis, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  You almost have to blog about the grocery store just so you can add a picture of a store named Piggly Wiggly!!

Today as I was leaving the parking lot at the grocery store I was reminded of an inadvertent stunt I pulled years ago.  I guess it was shortly after my son was born and I went to the grocery store and bought a walloping $300 worth of stuff – which back then was about double my usual spend.  I put the shopping cart loaded with bags out in front by the poles that block you from taking the cart all the way out to the car.  I got into the car, started her up, and drove myself home……yeah I did.  I left the groceries in front of the store – got all the freakin’ way home and realized I’d left them.  I wanted to cry.  Taking pity on me Jeff drove me back to get everything.  I tell you grocery shopping is hard work – then you have to haul all those bags in, get your perishables put away, etc. etc.I hate grocery shopping!

So then I thought about some other stupid shit I’ve done or that I’ve heard of people doing when they’re preoccupied.  Strangely enough, this one also popped into my head today randomly, even before the grocery cart episode…..I had two pairs of Nine West pumps in a really cool fabric  – one black and one navy.  One day I wore one of each to work without noticing at all.  One of my colleagues called me out on it as we were walking over to the mall to get lunch.  Back then things like that embarrassed me a little – today I’d either be irritated or just laugh…..

Then I started thinking about the other stuff I’d heard about.  We’ve all seen or heard about someone driving away from Starbucks with that pricey cuppa joe on the roof of their car, no?  One time my cousin pulled out of her driveway and watched her kids lunchboxes slide off from on top of the roof… the way, these are” it’s time to take a step back and reassess” moments.  I’ve driven the 5 or so miles to my bus stop without my work computer – that would be to get to my job that requires a computer 99.9% of the time…..yep, productive morning there by the time I retrieved it and made the 90 minute commute into DC.

According to my doctor not working agrees with me.  My blood pressure is behaving nicely these days and so are both my good and bad cholesterol – each number moving in the way she wants them to.  But I need to turn on some sort of incoming money tap over here.  I’ve got a few ideas in the hopper, none of which involve a 90 hour commute or providing consulting services to federal agencies though.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t sell the children or the dogs–the first scenario being illegal and I’d miss them a lot and the second not worth the time to type up an ad because no one would take them, LOL.

All I know is my kids are happy to be able to walk home from school to their mom every day and I’m happy I can be here for them.  Something’s going to come my way that will be the perfect thing to keep me busy (as in out of trouble), interested, and billable all at my desk at home.  What you think about you bring about and I’m counting on that and the grace of God who wants me to be home for the kids and who always shows me the way when I ask Him 😀

So the stuff I mentioned was largely the result of being stressed, pressed for time, overwhelmed but at the end of the day I am still an ADDiva so I can’t be sure the cereal box won’t end up in the refrigerator and a few forks and spoons in the trash….things get put away and done but not exactly in a linear fashion around here.

I’m thinking tomorrow should be another painting day for me!!




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