Today is Even Worse!

Grand Cayman Golf
Grand Cayman Golf (Photo credit: Fevi Yu)

The first word to come to mind is verklempt. If you’re not familiar with this Yiddish term here is the description from Urban Dictionary

Verklempt (adj) — choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way; stuck)farklempt, ferklemptToo emotional to talk. Ready to cry.
Whenever Linda would get upset, she would put her hand on her chest and say “I’m all verklempt” or “I’m a little verklempt”

All of the last minute messaging and tasks about tomorrow’s golf outing fundraiser for my son’s Little League had me in such a stir I forgot all about going to yoga this morning. We’re full steam ahead for the golfing – yeah me, have I ever so much as set foot on a golf course….I really don’t believe that I have…..I’ve been working on the committee to pull this thing off and I’m the one with the least knowledge and experience with golf. I do have experience organizing things, running events, and pulling rabbits out of hats thanks to my McGyver-like instincts and my smoke and mirrors travel kit.

To make matters worse today my neighbors are having a new roof installed. Let me put this another way….my next door neighbors whose driveway is where my front lawn would be if I had one is within 30 feet of my front door and this is Day #2 of all hammering all the time fun.

It’s not that it has my teeth on edge or anything it’s just this unpleasant white (or should it be called black in this case) noise that is working against my brain’s attempt to assimilate, sort and prioritize rapidly incoming data.

One of the most important details is in the works – I’ve gotten fashion advice about what to wear tomorrow while running the golfer registration and taking the photos. (Note to self, charge camera battery). I can pull that costume together in a minute.

I’ll have Kate help me assemble the goody bags when she gets home from school – provided her CCD homework is done. She loves to do this kind of stuff. I’ve been waiting to see what else comes up that will require me to go running around in my car – once I’m comfortable that I know all I have to do I’ll get on that to pick up more goody bags, some raffle prizes, and maybe pop over to the golf club so I know exactly where it is for tomorrow and a general idea of the layout.

In case you’re interested, what I’m doing here is writing to think which for me, is more efficient than writing this stuff on a list. My ADD brain has very little use for lists; lists do not help me organize nor do they motivate me to get going. I need a running conversation going in my head that gets me started and keeps me in motion until everything gets done. I laugh at lists….I have them – they’re all over – most of them duplicate and overlap each other. Rare is the list that stays in one spot and gets consulted until everything is checked off….and that’s just how I roll.

Back here at the homestead I think I’ll channel my BFF the Flylady and just do it so that the vacuuming gets done and the laundry re-booted. I think that after a light lunch here in a few minutes I’ll be good to go!   Wait – I think I need to knit a little bit first to let my thoughts all settle….the needles are right next to me and I’ve been dying to pick them up all morning……

Got all that?  This is how we do it with ADD!


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