Spent the Morning Painting

No big deal right?  Today it was because I’ve been thinking about doing it for as long as I can remember.  I’ve decided that I dislike Mondays even though I don’t have to get up and get to the job….I just don’t like them.  Today was a dreary one.  I had a few little projects simmering on the back burner and today I just plunged right in.

I got two pieces done, started two more, and did a little work in my art journal and managed to get all cleaned up by the time the kids came home from school.  Then I showered and whipped up something for dinner and now I’m wiped out.  Baseball game is off for tonight due to rain so I might just take a little snooze before the mister gets home and it’s time to eat dinner.

Dinner is tacos and black beans and rice.  Also made fresh iced tea.

It’s not raining at the moment and the kids just went out to play….I wonder if I can sneak this siesta in right now?


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