FTWD – Motherless Beast

Avocado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our precious Fernando (FTWD) struck again yesterday.  On Friday I’d posted that I potted the beautifully rooted and sprouted avocado pit that I was excited to plant and see what developed.  I’d left the pot outside because it was heavy so I was a little concerned that the shrub eater would make a beeline for it and sure enough, he did.

Before  we had a chance to bring it inside to safety, the big-mouthed beast took my little avocado sprout and munched on it.  He left half but I didn’t see the roots or the shoot.  After soccer yesterday I pulled out my CSI kit and scoured the back yard for more of the remains.  The remaining half of the original avocado pit was gone and I found no other signs on the first pass.  But when I came back into the yard and looked in exactly the same spot where the pot had been there was the root and shoot part lying on the ground – chewed at the top and dried out……

I put it back into the pot and watered it – hoping that if there’s some life left in there it will make a comeback.  If not, I know I can get another avocado and start over but it’s just not the same……That damn dog!



  1. You should think about a nice new Himalayan feline. Very mild mannered pets with wonderful dispositions and extremely quiet. You could say that they are very low maintenance, except for the occaissional hair ball, and daily brushing. And they don’t eat avacado sprouts ( at least mine don’t ).

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