Crisp Fall Day Today & This is What I Did

Morning glory flower, species Ipomoea nil
Morning glory flower, species Ipomoea nil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a slow week this week.  Alright, I’ve been slow this week because my art retreat trip to CT wiped me out.  Today, however, I paced myself and got several little things accomplished with pictures taken for posterity.

I cut down my glorious morning glory vine that was growing up the side of my porch.  I used some of the vine to make wreaths a la grapevine wreaths but these are morning glory vines.


I potted the avocado pit that I rooted and which sprouted a shoot out of the top a few days ago.  I’ve never seen one of these go like this.  I guess it really loves my kitchen window because it rooted like mad and now it’s up to two shoots.  I’m excited to see how it grows and develops into an avocado plant?  tree?  And whether it’s possible to grow avocados at home in a pot like this….guacamole anyone?
I pruned back some of the dead roses and clipped some exquisite white ones (my variety is called Moondance and I love that name and that song!) and they look lovely in my favorite vase.

I worked on some knitting projects and my art journal


and took the kids to tae kwon do where my son, who had planned on stopping his tkd lessons but decided to persevere, kicked a small round object off the top of his master’s head – twice – landing some wacky flip that I can’t remember the name of – and mastered a new form in weapons class.  Grand Slam day for him until he hit himself in the head with one set of nunchucks….the fun stopped then.

This photo is a bit blurry but in the center Master Jea is sitting on his knees, on the right Jackson is at a right angle following through with his kick, and off to the left is a small orange object that is a mini squishy basketball that Jackson just kicked off the top of Master Jea’s head…..and then he did it again.

Tomorrow is an early day – soccer pics at 8:30, game at 10, a break, 2nd soccer game at 3:00, reception at Round Hill Arts Center 3-5, then out for birthday drinks with a fellow October baby.  I hope I can force myself to turn in early so I don’t start my busy day tired tomorrow!




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