Fernando the Wonder Dog (FTWD) is in High Spirits Today…

Not Expired; Just Resting

FTWD is in high spirits today.  It seems that the crisp Autumn air agrees with him and the sound of the wind through the leaves in the trees out back inspires him.  Yesterday he spent a few hours outside turfing up the newly patched and seeded back yard.  Today the lawn service passed through to aerate or feed….hopefully all that mixing up and turfing will help, not hurt, the effort to bring a little green back out there.

This morning, left alone in the family room, FTWD once again expressed his strong interest in baseball by chewing up Jackson’s ball cap.  Fortunately I caught him in the act and saved the hat from total destruction.  Fernando finds the brim especially delicious especially on the right side.  I wonder if that’s where Jackson reaches up to adjust his cap with his right hand while he’s playing meaning FTWD is attracted to that sweet mix of boy sweat and baseball diamond dust


All three of the Boxketeers are downstairs and I’m up listening to some banging around down there.  I’m hoping it’s just a little boxer play but I must go investigate.  I’m sure I moved the cupcakes out of reach and it really doesn’t sound like a snack caper but we never can be too sure.  Can’t wait to figure it out first…must see what he’s up to.

After my discovery yesterday of the Maru (cat) videos I am determined to get some vid clips of FTWD posted.  He has several hilarious habits that really warrant recording and sharing.  I’ll get the kids to help me set up the crate release slide ‘n squeal when they get home from school today!



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