Blessings in the form of paint and gel medium

Tubes of various colors.

I feel so fortunate to have discovered this Art Is…..mixed media art retreat and deciding to be here.  I’ve been learning exactly those techniques and other things that I was seeking, I’ve made some new friends, had a bunch of laughs and will be taking home three new pieces of my own artwork to decorate my home and remind me of this awesome time I’m having.  I’ve been doing mostly collage type work on canvas, on wooden blocks…..painting with liquid acrylic, and having my life changed by the following:

bamboo skewers as paint delivery tools – thank you Tracy VerdugoTracy Verdugo's art

heavy matte gel medium as ….well it’s good for just about everything according to Sue…for all know she uses it in her hair!! – thank you Sue Pellitier

Now we're having fun!
Art Ladies Showing Off Their Stuff

water soluble sketching pencils…..thank you Jodi Ohl

My apologies to my paintbrushes…..after this workshop you are not fit to transfer oil paints to canvas in the traditional style….I gave you a workout and you stuck with it for me…..for this I’m grateful…..I’ll see about some rehab for you when I get home to VA.

All of these fine instructors who happen to be amazing women will remain in my heart forever as the ones who helped me get my painting mojo back and shared their amazing talent with me!


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